California Lacing | Our Story

California Lacing is a Los Angeles based manufacturer focused on genuine leather and vinyl finishing production. It services both a clientele ranging from the accessories, garment, shoe, automotive and home goods industries, who is seeking manufacturing support with their own projects' needs. It also provides a full collection of leather craft goods that are sold at retail locations to consumers direct.

California Lacing embodies a team that collectively has over 70 years of experience in the leather, automotive, crafts and garment industries, We have served both national  and international accounts in the big-box and independent retailer markets, with a focus on quality and top tier customer service.

Our manufacturing and production offering includes: slicing, lacing, folding skiving, cording and detailed finishing with metal findings, along with sourcing, mass assembly and private label development. 

Contact us with your projects needs as we are always excited about new customers with a focus on USA made production!